Captio – Digitizing travel expenses

Captio - Digitizing Travel Expenses

Qué es Captio

What is Captio?

Captio is a notes of expenditure management platform that digitizes the companies billing process. It is a business process outsourcing service.

  • Process automation.
  • Accessible from anywhere.
  • Endorsed with the seal of the Spanish tax agency.
  • It helps to control the expenses of the company.
  • Lets find out new savings opportunities.
  • Eliminate manual tasks.
  • Easy to use with multiple devices: iOS, Android or Windows Phone smartphone.
  • It saves time of the executives and personnel administration and human resources of the company.

Capture expenses

Captio brings a single platform all the expenses management: workers' fees and travels in a simple and accesible way. Captio saves you time and work! Get a picture of the tickets with your smartphine. Captio application retrieves data and saves in the cloud those necessary for billing. It establishes categories of expenditure and payment according to your business' needs. 

  • Costs of travel, as the mileage of vehicles, can be reported also using Google Maps.
  • Payments made by business cards are reported automatically to the application.
  • Manage your business expenses: the application fields are customizable.
Captio y el IVA

Devolución del IVA

Captio helps you to recover part of the VAT refund. Increase the VAT deductions in your business!

Captio is backed by the Spanish Tax Agency, which implies to have the same validity as an official billing.

  • You can group costs according to the supplier.
  • It generates reports with supporting documents approved by the AEAT.
  • Possibility of requesting a valid invoice for VAT deduction.
  • Total control of access.
  • Tasks automation.


  • Reduction in material costs through the process digitalization.
  • Saving the worker personal effort: it automates a tedious and long work times.
  • This results in an increase of productivity in other company areas.
  • More effective than the manual system.
  • Improve profitability.
  • It reduces the risk of lost documents and disappears the risk of fine that entails.
  • Greater capacity for management and cost control.

Expenditure supervision

Billing process digitization and automation make easier to control costs and the daily tasks (like liquidation supervision).  

  • Analyzes your computer costs: through the application statistics it is possible to investigate the company expenses from different perspectives.
  • Captio studies each expenditure to make it compatible with the policy of expenditure within the rule of law.
  • You can give approval or reject expense notes.
  • Captio allows to organize in groups to the users who reported spending.
  • You can also set different cost categories.
  • Manages several currencies and automatically performs currency exchanges.

Captio App

Captio can be used from any location by installing the app on a mobile device. User can check his expenses in real time, without having to carry their invoices to the admibistration ir accounting department.  

Download the free app and start capturing your business bills!

Avaible for: 

  • iPhone.
  • Android.
  • BlackBerry.
  • Windows Phone.
Captio App