OCR – Digitizing documents

OCR - Digitizing Documents


Continia Document Capture

Continia Document Capture is the solution that scans documents and digitised text through a OCR processor.  Fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), it involves a significant cost reduction in comparation with the manual process.

OCR indexing suposes to enter the title and the document descroption in a database.

  • Automatic document registration.
  • OCR data extraction.
  • Advanced approval workflows.
  • Search full-text digital file.

What is OCR?

The Optical Recognition of Characters (OCR) is an advanced technology that allows you to convert different documents into data with its consequent editing and search options.

This system allows to transform paper documents (for example, contracts or images) in digital text that can be edited with tools like Microsoft Word.

  • It scans text through an image.
  • It saves time.
  • Save digital space since the texts occupy less than images.
  • Allows a search full-text in the entire document.
  • Easy and intuitive process.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) integration

The OCR document processor is included in the base module of Navision.

  • Continia Document Capture automates the documents registration in Navision.
  • It allows to register invoices that contain information.
  • You can create invoice templates.
  • Using an predefined email and folders on the server, all the documents received are automatically downloaded and processed with OCR.


The templates creation allows you to link the documents with databases. This function is cumtomizable and useful for the organization ant the company's optimization. 

It is an easy action that has a positive impact on the business' productivity. You can define the different fields of the template and adapt it according to the company. 

There are different types of templates.

  • ID templates.
  • Master templates.
  • Source templates.

Outside Navision?

All employees (with or without Navision access) can connect to Continia Document Capture for the documents approval through Continia Web Approval Portal. 

You only need a login and access to Internet!

  • Access from a PC, tablet or Smartphone.
  • Integrated in Microsoft Dynamics Nav service.
  • Update: each approval occurs in real time.
  • Service valid for Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2016 or later.
  • Gives access to all workers of the company.

Why Continia Document Capture?

  • Advanced document capture service that increases the productivity of the company.
  • Optimization.
  • Automation of all workflow processes.
  • Automatic E-mail for approval.
  • Cost savings.
  • Space-saving.
  • Adaptation to the needs of the company.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Navision.
  • Automated documents registration process.
  • It allows to search full-text.