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Business Central

Bridge to the cloud, a promotion for Business Central

Who can benefit from this promotion:

Customers can sign up for the promotion for an initial minimum period of 1 year with the option to renew for an additional three years, resulting in a total possible duration of four years. At the end of the promotion term, customers can switch to the available online licensing option for which they are eligible at that time.

Note: When a customer signs up for this promotion, they will not be able to return to their previous plan. Should he/she request to do so, he/she will have to assume the expired tariff charges for his/her renewal period.


    • Price: 60% discount on the licensed price. For example:
        • BC Premium user (without promotion): 84,30€/user/month.
        • BC Premium user (with promotion): 35€/user/month.
    • Licensing Requirements: Customer must purchase Business Central On line licenses with an annualised total greater than or equal to their Enhancement plan renewal amount. Example: If the annualised EP amount is €1200, the monthly CSP must be equal to or greater than €100. Customers who terminate before 1 year of subscription or do not meet the minimum requirements will be charged the annual costs of their previous Enhancement plan and additional costs on expired license fees.
    • Additional users: customers who have active On Premise Concurrent User licences and request additional licences through this promotion will be charged €0.


Who is this promotion aimed at?

The Bridge to the Cloud promotion is aimed at customers who are committed to their cloud journey and intend to complete the migration by the end of the promotion period.

At the end of the promotion term, enrolled customers will move to the monthly licence fee and will no longer receive the upgrade benefits for their on-premise solution.

Can I still use my On premise environment if I activate this promotion?

Yes, customers who sign up for this promotion can continue to use their on-premise product in parallel with Business Central Online while maintaining the upgrade benefits on their on-premise licence for the duration of the promotion.

What are the customer benefits of using the Bridge to the Cloud promotion?

Customers who choose to renew their Enhancement plan through the Bridge to the Cloud promotion receive the following benefits:

  • Dual access rights and degradation to your Business Central or NAV on premise environment.
  • Monthly billing option
  • Benefits of the improvement plan for the duration of the promotion.
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central On line licences for future migration to the cloud.
Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration Promotion

New promotion offering discounts to drive migration of on-premise customers to the cloud.

It also supports customers who have started their digital transformation journey under migration offers to transition to the new promotional pricing.

Which customers are eligible for the promotion?

  • On premise (local) Dynamics customers active on a customer service and support plan.
  • Local Volume Licensing (VL) customers with an active Software Assurance (SA) plan.

40% discount for Dynamics 365 Online Services with a three-year subscription,

Dual-Access rights (Dual-Access rights - simultaneous use on-premises and in the cloud) that allow users access before the on-premises solution is shut down when the migration to the cloud is completed.

Supports phased cloud migrations (allowing organisations to add new users during the term of the promotion).

How many days will the customer have dual-use rights and is there a time limit?

Dual use rights (and dual access rights where applicable) have no time limit. The customer can access both on-premises and cloud solutions simultaneously for as long as needed. Some customers may need to remain hybrid for some processes on a long-term basis, for example, due to regulatory requirements.

Will customers renewing their retired cloud offerings see a price increase?

Previous cloud migration offers typically offered a 40% discount, which is also provided in this new promotion.

However, this promotion provides price protection with a 3-year subscription period, which was previously not available with discounted offers that only had a 12-month period.

What are the requirements for "local" customers to benefit from this promotion?

  • BREP active
  • Active On Premise Licence.


Which products are included in this promotion?

  • Dynamics 365 On premise (local)
  • Dynamics CRM 2016, 2013 or earlier.
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central On premise.
  • Dynamics NAV 2018 or earlier versions.

Is there a maximum number of licences that can be purchased with this promotion?

No, you can buy as many licences as you need at any time, as long as the promotion is on the market.

Power Platform

Power Apps pricing and licensing updates - 1 October 2021

To make the platform more accessible, whether customers are starting with a small number of users or deploying across the entire organisation, Microsoft is announcing price reductions for Power Apps Per Apps and Power Apps Per User. Starting October 1, the price will be reduced to approximately 50% of the current price.

  • Power Apps per User will be priced at $20 per user/month (no minimum licensing or other purchase requirements). Plan entitlements remain unchanged, including the ability for users to run unlimited applications and portals.
  • Power Apps per App will be priced at $5 per user/app/month (there will be no minimum licensing or other purchase requirements). In this case there are reduced entitlements, giving users only the ability to run one app or access one portal, in contrast to the current entitlements of two apps and one portal.

Note: Customers with Power Apps per App subscriptions purchased before 1 October 2021 will retain their current entitlement for the duration of their contract.

Information on Power Apps extensions and new features is available at - Power Apps pricing and licensing updates (

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