Sales Insights is a tool for field salespeople, inside sales managers and managers to minimize routine tasks and strengthen relationships through personalized interactions and proactively lead sales teams. 

It is an adaptive solution that allows you to customize the recommended actions through artificial intelligence with a simple configuration tool.

The tool collects the relationship history with the potential customer and the strength of the relationship. From this data, it recommends talking points and certain actions to take with the customer. It also analyzes calls with conversational intelligence, helping salespeople draw conclusions from the calls. 


Relationship analysis
Based on various signals from Office 365 and Dynamics 365. For example, time elapsed since last contact, customer response rate, number of emails and meetings or activities initiated by the customer. This data is synthesized into a relationship score.
Smarter sales
Through machine learning, improve conversion rates and increase the success rate. Thus, certain leads and opportunities are prioritized.
More productivity
Email interactions are optimized and real-time contextual messages with suggestions for new registrations are obtained. In other words, greater customer relationship monitoring leading to higher productivity.
Conversation intelligence
Enables learning from sales calls. Customers' opinions are automatically transcribed and analyzed. Also their emotions, the content of their conversations and the way they speak. All this allows strategic decisions to be made and customer needs to be identified.



The Sales Insights implementation process is quick and easy and will complement the functionality of other Dynamics 365 tools. 


In preview is a feature that will allow you to transform your routine with an artificial intelligence-based assistant. This new voice-activated assistant in Microsoft Teams is where mobile marketers should go to get insights and help on activities. 

The assistant will work in the background optimizing the work and offering proactive suggestions. 


Sale Insights is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 interconnected application environment. 


Customer Service Insights

42,20 user/month
  • Up to 10,000 cases per licence.
  • Additional capacity can be purchased.

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