Goom, as a partner of Microsoft, has developed GOOMBOOKa software oriented to educational centres that allows the control of the academic, economic, administrative and methodological management. It adapts to kindergartens, schools, universities and business schools.

Goombook, through a single platform, offers a 360º vision of the student and serves as a basis for the implementation and development of new educational methodologies. It is also available for PC, tablet and mobile.

It also integrates with various Office 365 educational apps and requires no new hardware investment: a username and password are all you need to access the platform. Goombook is a cloud service with a monthly fee.

Goombook complies with European data protection regulations: GDPR. On the other hand, it registers operations by linking each user account to an employee of the centre. The programme registers the account and the computer from which the most sensitive operations are carried out. In addition, by federating identities in Azure Active Directory and enabling Multi-Factor Authentication, a secure login is achieved. On the other hand, Goombook is integrated into Microsoft Azure. It is built on the premise that for the user to be able to control their own client data in the cloud, they need to see it and know where it is stored. He also needs to know how it is protected, who has access to it and under what circumstances. Similarly, weekly backups are performed.

In terms of maintenance and support, Goombook, being based on Microsoft technology, is always up to date. For support issues, it has a Helpdesk team that will resolve any queries you may have.



Set up a virtual classroom with Microsoft Teams for Education or set up modular online courses with LMS365. Manage the grading process and class assignments and leverage all of Microsoft's educational tools to deliver a rewarding digital experience in an inclusive dynamic for the entire class. 


Manage your school's financial and accounting system by automating the enrollment process, bank reconciliation, expenses, purchases and suppliers. Anticipate payments and make forecasts on the solvency of your educational center so that you can focus on the teaching project. 


Comprehensive management of personnel, their history, courses, students and personal data. 


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