Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights leverages artificial intelligence insights to make better decisions and proactively increase customer satisfaction. In other words, it turns insights into action by analysing operational data and leveraging emerging trends.

Harnessing the insights of artificial intelligence means turning the business benefits it offers into real ones. For example, using comprehensive analytics to take informed action to improve the customer service experience. Or using AI capabilities to measure actions across all channels, identify growth areas and improve business productivity. 

Customer satisfaction
Build customer loyalty by resolving emerging issues before they have a major impact on users. With Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) you can better understand your customers. In addition, insights gained with artificial intelligence allow you to implement data-driven improvements.
Operational efficiency
Optimised operations with insights into case resolution, order trends and historical comparisons to assess agent performance and business impact. Agent productivity is optimised with case volume monitoring and inbound thematic support.
Comprehensive visibility
Visualise customer engagement patterns, agent performance and customer service operations using dashboards built with artificial intelligence, business intelligence and machine learning. Discover and share critical insights with alternative graphs and filters!



The installation of the tool is a simple and quick process. It should be noted that Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights is included in the Customer Engagement Plan. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is a service in Azure so an Azure subscription is required to set it up. 

Once the installation process is complete, Dynamics Customer Service Insights enables quick connection to Dynamics 365 customer service data for initial analysis. 


Several new features have been announced in the April 2019 update: 


It integrates with Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service, a new tool that allows you to create and improve bots powered by artificial intelligence. Together, the two tools enable an insight to action cycle to constantly improve the customer experience. One provides insights based on collected data and the other automates customer service. This feedback loop enables customer service to identify problems, set priorities and goals, take necessary actions and analyse the results. Thus, based on the data, an exceptional customer experience can be delivered.

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