Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is one of Microsoft's CRM tools that manages the entire set of field service operations.

It includes management of service locations, customer assets, preventive maintenance, work order and resource management, product inventory, scheduling and dispatching, mobility, collaboration, customer billing and analytics.

That is to say, it is a tool that centralises all the

organisational and management aspects of field work. It achieves this by optimising functions and, therefore, improving the performance and productivity of the company and its customer service. In addition, it provides a great capacity to react to any unforeseen event.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service it is possible to optimise the resources of companies and their employees through a functional interface with a map view and time tables that are updated in real time.

This allows you to increase the daily workload efficiently by taking into account variables such as routes or mileage. It also makes it much easier to reorganise tasks when changes or new jobs arise at the last minute.

In addition, Dynamics 365 for Field Service makes it easy to choose the right worker for each task.


Organising field tasks with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service effectively improves the quality of the services provided:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows you to set up an inventory management system that monitors storage levels (including moving trucks) in real time. In this way, it is possible to optimise inventory from the office.

This tool also offers a preventive maintenance option that automatically generates work orders to ensure that equipment is always correctly serviced for the customer. In other words, it anticipates possible mishaps or problems.

In addition, the mobile application makes it possible for all field technicians to have immediate access to all information and changes to work orders in real time.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the platform you need to successfully consummate the digital transformation of your business. Its modules bring together people, data and processes in the cloud environment, unifying CRM and ERP functionalities. The safe and comfortable way to the integral optimisation of all your company's processes.

Trust Goom's experience to advance the digital transformation of your business.


In April 2019, Dynamics 365 for Field Service is updated with the following new features:

Internet of Thing (IoT) improvements
October 2018 included integration with Azure IoT Central to allow IoT information to be passed between IoT Central and Field Service. Azure IoT Central is a total IoT management software as a service (SaaS) that allows you to connect, monitor and manage your IoT assets at scale. Measurements are transmitted from devices to IoT Central where they can be monitored. In addition, rules can be created to identify conditions or events that require service action. This comes to Field Service as 'IoT alerts' that can be monitored and tracked in Field Service. Integration with IoT Central is also deepened.
Several new developments in programming capabilities
Technical improvements in productivity
IoT data, inspections and time entry capabilities will be incorporated into the Field Service mobile app.
Improvements in delivery service
For example, capabilities that allow technicians to quickly and easily check a list of items to securely cover requirements. Also time tracking capabilities that ensure a more realistic account of technicians' time.


Dynamics 365 for Field Service is natively integrated with everyday applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook. Another feature that stands out is the use of artificial intelligence through Power BI, Cortana Intelligence and Azure Machine Learning.

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