CFM Treasury is the tool that allows you to better understand the cash position of your business. For example, it allows you to make better investment and financial decisions through accurate calculation and control of cash forecasts. Basically, it transforms accounting information into a useful element for the treasurer.


On the other hand, CFM Treasury offers a backed guarantee of total accountability with the information. Client confidence is paramount and experience backs up the reliability that is conveyed.


Why is CFM Treasury a good choice for your company?

In addition, CFM Treasury allows to know the future Cash Flow with precision. Taking into account the different possible scenarios, it gives the opportunity to act with a view to the future of the company and to seek the best positioning for it.


At Goom we are experts in the deployment of Cash Flow in your ERP Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central. We optimise your treasury in order to make better investment and/or financing decisions. In addition, our consultants will benefit your company with tasks such as integrating all banking operations or, where appropriate, changing the configuration.

Trust in the experience of our team!


Microsoft ERP is constantly evolving through product updates and upgrades. All these changes benefit the company by helping to advance the digital transformation. Our team is responsible for advising you on these updates and adapting the solution so that the integration remains effective.


CFM Treasury is an adaptable and highly versatile tool. It meets the needs of the company itself and facilitates the functions of the Finance Department.
In addition, CFM Treasury is integrated with the entire treasury of the company, so that all financial resources are optimised:

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