ClickDimensions is a digital marketing platform integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM that allows multichannel campaigns, create different content to capture leads and analyse the results of marketing actions.

  • Deliver your messages to potential customers: emailing, landing pages, event management, mobile messaging and social media. 
  • Capture leads and convert them into customers: multichannel campaigns, lead scoring, forms, interactive automated campaigns. 
  • Analyse the impact of your actions: web intelligence, visitor tracking, emailing impact.


Email Marketing

ClickDimensions allows you to create emails through easily customisable templates - very intuitive - with an editor that offers several options: drag and drop, freestyle or using HTML code. Sending can be done on an individual or mass level and the impact is measured through sending metrics.

Campaign automation

Build a marketing strategy! Create interactive automations based on the behaviour of customers and prospects. Campaign automation allows you to personalise interactions with your contacts based on their behaviour and interest, and allows you to track them in real time. 


With a drag and drop editor it is possible to create web forms to interact with customers and potential customers. Forms can be embedded in a website and landing page or used as a standalone URL and collect valuable information about leads and contacts that is incorporated into your record. 

Event management

Would you like to know which customers and prospects are attending your events? Through connectors, ClickDimensions is integrated with various platforms: GoToWebinar, WebEx, Cvent and Eventbrite. In this way, it automatically collects event registration and attendance information in Microsoft Dynamics 365. It also allows you to create events manually. 


Maximise the benefits of ClickDimensions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the integration of reporting functionalities! Emails, web visits, page views and captures will be directly linked to CRM campaigns.

  • Through the information provided in the mail statistics, you will be able to see how your email campaigns are performing.
  • Gain valuable insights from survey responses.
  • Analyse and visualise ClickDimensions data in Power BI.
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Through a drag and drop editor it is possible to create surveys that provide useful information about CRM contacts. Surveys can be sent by email and linked to case records.

Web analytics

Find out who is interested in your products and services through web tracking. This way, you can visualise all visitor activity - anonymous and identified - on your website within Dynamics 365.

Lead Scoring

Use business intelligence to score leads interested in your products and services. ClickDimensions tracks individual visitor activity and each visitor accumulates a score based on visits, page views or other configurable values. This allows your sales team to quickly and easily determine which leads are most ready to buy.

Landing Page

Allows you to create landing pages for maximum impact in your campaigns. They are automatically hosted by ClickDimensions, but can also be embedded on a website and associated with a campaign.

SMS Messaging

Expand your marketing communications beyond email! ClickDimensions can be integrated with Twilio, MessageNet and BulkSMS.


Whether you want to engage or discover, ClickDimensions helps you do more with your social media from within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Its tools help you connect marketing activities with popular social channels. Plus, you can publish directly from Dynamics 365, on the fly or on schedule.


At Goom we implement the ClickDimensions digital marketing solution in the cloud quickly. Why trust us? Request a demo We will explain with examples how to automate your marketing campaigns.


Regular updates of ClickDimensions improve the efficiency of the tool. In Goom we offer support for incidents or changes that these updates may cause affecting the operation of the tool.


ClickDimensions can be natively integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 . It has the same interface including the functionalities of the digital marketing tool in the global set of Dynamics 365. This makes the data from this department is connected with other areas of the company and the flow of information is much lighter and faster.

It can be integrated with other Microsoft applications and can, for example, perform processes in Microsoft Power Platform to achieve non-standard automations. 

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