Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the software that transforms leads into business relationships. To do this, it connects the marketing and sales departments and automates processes. This results in smarter decision making that maximises marketing ROI.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing integrates a number of features that go far beyond traditional email marketing, developing tailored strategies that drive to meet business objectives.

The tool offers all the necessary tools to automate marketing processes:

Multi-channel campaigns
Dynamics 365 for Marketing provides you with multiple channels to attract potential customers, e.g. through emails, landing pages, webinars, phone calls, face-to-face events or LinkedIn. There are different customisable templates for creating emails and landing pages.
Lead nurturing
Lead nurturing is a marketing technique aimed at maturing opportunities. In this sense, Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers a personalised experience. Through campaign design tools and templates, campaigns can be created in several steps and through various channels to guide buyers according to their degree of loyalty.
Business intelligence
Based on dynamic segmentation, rules are created that identify leads and customers in order to keep them loyal during the development of campaigns. Lead scoring makes it possible to prioritise potential customers who are ready to buy. In addition, insights are generated based on the interaction with leads and customers, and business processes can be configured to obtain notifications for marketing activities.
Event management
Organise events easily using the integration with webinar providers or the event portal.
Track and improve marketing actions with dashboards. You can also conduct surveys to better understand your customers. You can also visualise all your data using Power BI.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing facilitates the process of acquiring and nurturing leads. Why should you choose it?


Coordinates sales and marketing

Make better decisions

Modern and stable platform


At Goom we help you to better understand your customers and their habits - customer journeys - with Microsoft's automated marketing tool. In addition, we integrate it with Dynamics CRM, other business apps or your ERP so that all the information is connected.


The April 2019 update brings new features such as the following:


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing integrates with the other Microsoft Dynamics 365 business apps and can be integrated with Office 365 tools. For example, Power BI for analysis and interactive display of results.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing Portal

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing includes full functionality for the creation of marketing pages (forms, landing pages, etc.) and also to enable an event portal. In other words, it includes a fully functional event portal.
In this sense, it is possible to use the portal solution to create a fully customised web space for different purposes and audiences that is fed with data from Dynamics 365.
In Dynamics 365 for Marketing, the portal appears as a workspace. In addition, its features can be used directly without configuration. As for customisation, it is developed using standard tools and entities of the portal's functionalities.

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