What changes?

Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Microsoft Power Platform:

3. Dynamics NAV and Business Central:

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Which companies are affected?

How can it benefit you?

For example, suppose a company has 10 Customer Engagement Plan licenses. The plan allows each license owner to access a suite of various applications. The profiles of these users are 4 sales people, 2 customer service people, 3 people for field service management and 1 mixed sales and customer service profile. Each license of the plan is 97 euros, so monthly you pay 970 euros.

In the new licensing model, plans disappear. Each user must acquire the license (Base and, if applicable, Attach) that he/she needs. In the previous example it would be like this:

  • 4 Sales Base licenses for the sales team: 80,10 euros/user/month -> 320,4 euros/month
  • 2 Customer Service Base licenses for the customer service team: 80,10 euros/user/month -> 160,20 euros/month
  • 3 Field Service Base licenses for the field service management team: 80,10 euros/user/month -> 240,30 euros/month
  • 1 Sales Base license with an additional Customer Service Attach for sales and customer service profile: 80,10 euros/user/month (Sales Base) + 16,90 euros/user/month (Customer Service Attach) -> 97 euros/month
With the new licensing plan, this company would have to pay 817.9 euros per month in licenses.
In other words, the new licensing model requires that the roles of each employee be correctly defined so that each user can access the tools he or she really needs to optimize his or her work. 

New prices

Microsoft Dynamics 365


By app

8,40 €

user/ month

Allows individual users to run apps (up to 2 apps and a portal) for a specific business scenario with the full capabilities of PowerApps.

Per user

33,70 €

user/ month

Enables users to run unlimited applications with the full capabilities of PowerApps.

Seeded PowerApps

Through Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Extend and customize Office 365 and Dynamics 365. 

Microsoft Flow

Per user

12,60 €

user/ month

Allows individual users to create unlimited workflows and business processes based on their specific needs. It is geared towards personal productivity. 

By business process

421,5 €

5 workflows/ month

To implement high-capacity business processes that benefit teams, departments or the entire organization. No license requirements per user. 

Seeded Flow

Through Office 365, Dynamics 365 and PowerApps

Automate business processes and workflows for Office 365, Microsoft Dynamcis 365 and PowerApps.

Dynamics NAV and Business Central

Without Azure In Azure
Standard User SAL 59 € 54 €
Extended User SAL 84,30 € 80 €
Limited SAL 6,70 € 6 €
Objects 20 € 20 €

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