What is TicketBAI?

TicketBAI is a joint project of the Regional Tax Authorities and the Basque Government that establishes a series of legal and technical obligations that imply certain requirements in the invoicing software used in economic activities. In other words, TicketBAI requires compliance with certain technical requirements in the software used by companies for invoicing.

What is its objective?
Who is affected?

TicketBAI is globally applicable and affects all individuals and legal entities that carry out economic activities and are subject to the regulatory competence of the Regional Tax Authorities. 

How does TicketBAI work?

It chains invoices and requires them to be electronically signed to make it impossible to erase or manipulate them. In this way, the records cannot be manipulated through point-of-sale terminals or other types of devices. These records must be sent to the tax authorities in the corresponding form and by the corresponding deadlines. 

On the other hand, the programme will generate the invoice with all the necessary data and two new fields: a TBAI identification code and a QR code.

What requirements are necessary to comply with the TicketBAI?

TicketBAI has a number of software requirements to comply with the new system. 

What obligations must the software cover?

TicketBAI in Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV/ Navision)

At Goom we have made the necessary adaptations to comply with TicketBAI in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and some versions of Dynamics NAV (Navision). The regulations of the Basque Regional Treasury involve modifications in the Sales and Collections module of the platform to adapt the company's invoicing process. For example, having a certificate to digitally sign documents. 

We can help you fulfil the TicketBAI

Contact our team through this form and we will help you to adapt your ERP to comply with the new legal requirements .

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