Goom methodology

GOOM uses a SCRUM methodology in its projects, which allows an agile and secure development based on progressive iterations that allow to build and validate the functional requirements of the companies in successive short phases, and thus to have results in production(Quick Wins) in short periods of time.

In addition, for greater assurance, security and speed of development, we use a continuous development method based on Azure DevOps.

Therefore, in terms of methodology we use:

The principles on which we base the methodology to be applied:

SCRUM methodology


  1. Iteration planning (Sprint Planning).
  2. Execution of the iteration (Sprint).
  3. Team synchronisation meeting (Scrum Meeting).
  4. Demonstration of completed requirements (Sprint Review).
  5. Sprint Retrospective
  6. Refinement of the list of requirements and changes to the project.


Goom methodology

Each of the iterations and blocks will contain the following tasks:

  • Functional analysis and consultancy (including definition of tests to be carried out).
  • Development
  • Validation

In the projects, we make a dedication of a team consisting of:

  1. The dedication of a senior functional consultant who has a good understanding of the overall business process and who can design an entity-relationship data model and process definition.
  2. The dedication of a senior architect to make sense of the entire tool, including integrations with other current applications.
  3. Development team specialised in the application(s).

Azure DevOps

With Azure DevOps we make use of an agile methodology for the development and implementation of technology projects, which guarantees:

  • Control of the different versions of the developments.
  • Creation and allocation of tasks between the different work teams.
  • Risk reduction.
  • The customer gets value faster.
  • GOOM will quickly obtain feedback on the development of the solution.

With Azure Boards as an Agile tool we allow you to plan your work, discuss it and track each task online.

scrum goom methodology

We use kanban boards, to-do lists, team boards and customised reports to keep track of work in real time.

It allows flexible tracking of work items with full traceability.

Quality and development assurance

We pay special attention to a methodology that guarantees the correct development of the solution in the shortest possible time.

With Azure DevOps we manage to streamline the work of the team, saving effort and giving greater focus to the work of developers, however, it is more challenging in terms of team communication and communication management to avoid unidentified test cases that cause further additional work.

azure devops goom

We also use the TDD or Test-Driven Development technique. Through this technique, first the tests (test cases) are defined and from these the functionality is developed, repeating the cycle repeatedly. As new functionalities are added, new tests are added.

The steps to apply this technique are as follows:

This technique ensures that we write just enough code to meet the requirement, while meeting the client's acceptance criteria.

In the traditional model, a significant amount of time is spent on fully designing the logical and physical models before development, with TDD, the design is derived in functionality testing and parallelised with development.

Therefore, this technique (TDD) aligns very well with the iteration approaches defined in agile development and Scrum.

It should be noted that as a premise of TDD, continuous integration and refactoring of development must be performed, as well as the automation of as many tests as possible, in order to speed up testing and development under the high demands of the agile iterative approach and Scrum.

Therefore, when applying this technique it must be taken into account that it is vital to use AZURE DevOps for test tracking and the know-how of the team in the developed application or group of applications.

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