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Project description

CEDRO optimizes document and associate management securely with the Microsoft platform and Goom as a technology partner.

The team of the intellectual property rights management association CEDRO was faced with a huge amount of documents that made management difficult and considerably increased the time required for each procedure. After trying several options, they trusted Goom to implement the SharePoint document manager and perform the data migration. By combining the functionalities of Dynamics 365 and Power BI with a document manager such as SharePoint, CEDRO has managed to increase its productivity and consolidate a much more efficient business model.

The Centro Español de Derechos Reprográficos (CEDRO) is an association that manages the intellectual property rights derived from the secondary use (i.e., photocopying and digital copying) of works by authors and publishers of books, magazines, newspapers and sheet music. It is a non-profit entity authorized by the Ministry of Culture since 1988. CEDRO is based on values such as efficiency, transparency and responsibility.

Considering their business model, CEDRO works with a huge amount of documentation, the organization of which created a problem. For example, they had to deal with a large number of files distributed in different routes and servers. The time cost for the team to locate these documents was enormous and reduced the association' s productivity.

After some failed attempts with different document managers, CEDRO decided to adopt a solution that would optimize the association's information processes. In order to save time in document management and with the great challenge of migrating all the information available to the association , they relied on the experience of Goom's team in Microsoft's cloud platform.

The solution implemented for CEDRO's document management was Microsoft SharePoint due to its great power, customization capacity and integration with other tools. Given the characteristics of the project, an orderly and very specific data migration was of crucial importance. Goom designed a detailed migration strategy that included the structuring of the data within the new tool. CEDRO's Head of Systems, Juan Antonio Hernández, also emphasizes the partner's "appropriate training for each type of user". In this way, the members of the organization soon became familiar with the new tool, obtaining the expected results in record time. All this is an example of the importance of trust in the technology provider for the success of the implementation and the solution itself.

In addition, SharePoint is fully integrated into the Dynamics 365 environment. Another Microsoft platform with multiple functionalities that helps the CEDRO team to optimize their tasks and achieve maximum efficiency in their performance. And, with the business intelligence tool Power BI, the available data is organized and allows interesting analyses to be obtained. The interpretation of these analyses provides information on the state of the organization and shows future prospects. It's not just about storing the data, it's also about making the most of it.

The solution has enabled the CEDRO team to save time in management tasks and to have more information about data processing. This also means savings in economic terms and an increase in productivity, confidentiality and information security. According to Hernández, the solution brings "reliability and usability" to CEDRO. And all this at a very competitive price.

"Thanks to Goom for the help in achieving the proposed objective in time and cost."

Juan Antonio Hernández (CEDRO's Systems Manager)

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