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Project description

Dicavesa company optimizes business processes with Microsoft Business Central (Dynamics NAV) and Goom

The Dicavesa team was working with several business applications that were not integrated with each other. With the implementation of Microsoft Business Central, they have been able to reduce costs and save time for their employees.

Díaz Plaza, Candelas y Cía (Dicavesa) is a family-owned company founded in 1963 in Madrid. It is a national importer and national distributor of special media for large format digital printing.. It is also in charge of the distribution of supports for textile personalization.

At Dicavesa they were working with several business applications that were not connected to each other. This situation was detrimental to business performance, doubling the costs and time of the work team. As the company grew, the situation worsened. It was necessary to implement an effective solution with the integration capabilities that would the different areas of the company. In this regard, it was also very important that the new solution be integrated with Microsoft's platform and its suite of everyday productivity tools. platform and its suite of everyday productivity tools.

With the implementation of Business Central, Dicavesa has succeeded in optimizing its business processes.. The company's financial manager, Susana Casal, summed up the aspects achieved with the solution as followsefficiency and speed".. She also pointed out that the main challenge during the process was "the coordination between the administration team, the production team and the partner".. This obstacle was overcome with planning and knowledge of our team's business model.

Goom as a Microsoft cloud partner specializing in Business Central implemented in less than 2 months thanks to its senior team and knowledge of the industry and business processes.

With Business CentralDicavesa has a centralized solution platform that connects the different business areas, providing coherence and providing daily tasks with coherence and coordination coordination. Thus, productivity has been increased and costs have been saved in terms of time and money. In addition, Dynamics NAV integrates with other Microsoft tools such as Word or Excel. Microsoft tools such as Word or Excel for documentation and daily reporting in real time.

Another advantage of implementing this solution is the organization and veracity of all data. is the organization and veracity of all data.. The information is now much more accessible for reporting and business insights.

"We are very satisfied with the responses to our demands and needs from Goom."

Susana Casal (Finance at Dicavesa)

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