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Office 365 in all Inus Group companies

Grupo Inus is a mixed real estate group, focused on the rental exploitation of assets, as well as the development and sale of residential products in different areas of Madrid. In addition, since the 1990s it has participated in companies engaged in non-real estate activities. For example, one of its latest diversification projects was Carabal Viñedos y Bodega. Currently, Grupo Inus has three companies: Bodegas Carabal, Inus Inmobiliaria and Animasoft. 

Grupo Inus continued to maintain the old MS Exchange mail servers and shared files. They were considering starting a digital transformation to optimize processes and modernize the operation of the different companies that make up the group. In this sense, one of the first measures taken was to migrate and configure all email accounts from the servers to the cloud with Office 365. 

In addition, they needed to implement Office 365 (Premium Business Plan) for each of the companies. Thanks to the change of servers in the cloud and the ease of configuration of mailbox permissions, they have gained visibility of all customers. 

Grupo Inus entrusted this digital transformation to Goom Spain for its experience in licensing, configuration, integration and support of solutions based on Microsoft Azure, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM online and Office 365 (SharePoint). It also highlighted its experience in helping companies to migrate information from their mail systems, as well as updating applications and hosting them in the cloud.

In this context, the Goom team presented an Office 365 migration and implementation project. The project began in May 2014 and was completed as scheduled in just two weeks with a resounding success. Currently there are no incidents and Grupo Inus is absolutely autonomous and maintains with security and guarantees all its corporate information in the Microsoft cloud.

The Office 365 Small Business Premium Plan tool was implemented, including Microsoft IT Support, Office in the cloud, PC and mobile, videoconferencing, chat, SkyDrive Pro 25 Gb, public web and intranet and Document Management. In this way we were able to solve a major problem with the capacity of email accounts in Grupo Inus. 

On the other hand, with the migration of mail to the CLOUD, the capacity of mail, user accounts and the corporate intranet was increased, including 22.5 Gb of space in the cloud (Microsoft SharePoint). In addition, corporate space was increased by an additional 75 Gb.

Among the benefits that the solution brought to the company are the following:

  • Autonomy and no technical dependence on third parties.
  • Great economic savings.
  • Ipad access to Office applications.
  • Integration with other corporate applications.
  • Increased employee productivity.

"The implementation of Office 365 with Goom has allowed us to have in a minimum time our entire group working interactively thanks to the Microsoft cloud, finally Office stopped being documents, spreadsheets and presentations, for us Office is now productivity for our group."

Álvaro Banús (Manager of Grupo Inus)

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