digital one-stop shop success story

Project description

The digital transformation of Ventanilla Única Digital with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Goom in record time and in a secure way.

The entity that manages intellectual propertyDigital One Stop Shop, has transformed its processes with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and through a personalized portal that optimizes the processing of its clients' transactions. For the digital transformation, the association has relied on the experience of the team. on the experience of the Goom Spain team.

Ventanilla Única Digital is an intellectual property management organisation that administers the fair compensation for private copying. It is created and formed by the intellectual property rights management entities SGAE, AGEDI, AIE, AISGE, CEDRO, DAMA and VEGAP with the aim of exercising functions related to private copying. Ventanilla Única Digital currently allows companies to send their quarterly declarations online to manage fair compensation for copying.

Ventanilla Única Digital did not have any centralised storage system. The entity's General Manager, Antonio Alabanda, acknowledges that "management was done through standard Microsoft Office package documents". Moreover, this organisational system made it difficult to this organisational system made it difficult to exploit all the information available, with a consequent impact on the productivity of the organisation. with the consequent impact on the institution's productivity.

On the other hand, with the tools available at the time, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction was a difficult task.. It was necessary to better manage information and automate certain processes to improve customer relations and to meet partner invoicing deadlines. to improve customer relations and to meet partner invoicing deadlines.

All these needs required initiating the digital transformation process of Ventanilla Única Digital. To do so, we had to find a solution that adapted to the specific needs of the entity and that could also be implemented in the shortest possible time. For this, they relied on Goom, an expert in Microsoft's cloud platform that facilitates a fast, secure and cost-effective digital transformation.

It was necessary to put in place a flexible but robust and secure systemcapable of adapting to the entity's specific business model. In addition, it needed to be scalable, it needed to be scalable.. In other words, it had to be able to grow according to the needs of Ventanilla Única Digital and all its partners. Integration with Microsoft Office tools and with the ERPs and other management systems used by the partners were also requirements to be taken into account when choosing the solution.

In order to achieve all these objectives and respecting all the requirements, the solution chosen was Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Web Portal which has included- a portal customised to the needs of the association by Goom. The main challenge during the implementation was precisely the taking of requirements. As Alabanda stated "deciding on the final specifications of the platform". At this point, the Goom team's flexibility and understanding of the Digital One-Stop-Shop business model was crucial to the success of the outcome. business model was crucial to the success of the outcome.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a solution defined by Alabanda as "powerful, scalable and flexible". which has been able to adapt to the business model The Digital One-Stop-Shop business model, making it possible to meet the objectives and needs presented in the initial situation. Its enormous capacity for adaptation makes it possible to adapt the great functionality it offers to different types of business.

Thanks to the implementation, Digital One-Stop-Shop has been able to improve business times, thereby increasing overall business productivity.. In addition, invoicing times have been shortened considerably, thus increasing the satisfaction of its customers and partners. As Alabanda explained, by saving time in the execution of all these tasks, the Digital One-Stop-Shop team can now focus on other business activities that bring more added value to the organisation. On the other hand, workflows have been improved and also the business information shared with partners.

"Staff can focus on tasks that add more value to the organisation".

Antonio Alabanda (Director General of the Digital One-Stop-Shop)

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