SharePoint is a collaboration platform that allows users to discover, store, share content and manage projects. In other words, it can fulfil the functions of a company's extranet and/or intranet.

It is also a secure platform that protects access to content through access permissions. SharePoint includes:

SharePoint + Business Central

GoomDoc is a solution that integrates Microsoft 365 document management with Business Central to streamline processes and organise ERP information.





Microsoft SharePoint allows our developers to create a customised intranet for the company. That is, a place dedicated to a team or a specific project where information can be managed and shared in a simple and intuitive interface.

A Sharepoint site connects your team to all the information and tools they use on a daily basis. Group sites encourage collaboration and information sharing, creating elements such as lists and libraries - trust Goom's expertise to develop your SharePoint!


Recently, Microsoft SharePoint has included new forms of collaboration based on mixed reality and artificial intelligence.


Through intelligent templates, it is possible to create immersive spaces where users can interact and view content from any angle. It also allows working with data and product models in real time. Mixed reality makes it possible to create highly engaging and creative visual spaces, available on any type of device. These experiences involve all the user's senses, giving rise to new communication, learning and collaboration scenarios.


AI is applied to the Office 365 universe to improve content collaboration. Firstly, it enables personalised and intelligent search in the SharePoint mobile app. In this sense, a new 'Find' section appears that greatly facilitates this type of process. AI analyses all contacts, files and data in Office 365 to identify what is most important and proactively streamline search processes, including recommendations, for example.


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