Human Resources Software - Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Digitizes Human Resources processes and payroll management

It unifies HR processes and tasks in a single platform that allows you to save time, reduce errors and visualize information in a completely different way. 

Optimize your resources and save time

Automates processes

A platform to manage all departmental tasks. Create automations based on the specific processes of your business that save time and allow a different management of work and resources.

Staff self-management

Give your employees access to their personal files and training. Offer them the possibility to manage their requests directly on the platform. Automatically approve or reject requests in the system.

Integration with other systems

Integrate the platform with other systems such as LMS365 for training delivery or with a talent search solution such as LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Synchronize information and extend the functionality of the platform with ease.

Payroll management system

It can be integrated with a payroll management system that internalizes this complex monthly process. The digitization of this area saves time and company resources, reduces errors and makes it easier to obtain information.

What functions does Human Resources and the payroll management system cover?

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