Changes to Team Member licences

From 31 January 2021 there will be important changes to Team Member licences.

Dynamics 365 (CRM) users with Team Member licences purchased after October 2018 will experience changes to this licence type from 31 January 2021. Limited or Team Member licences grant access to a specific/limited set of functionalities. The changes that will be introduced from January will allow these users:

  • Create, read, update and delete contacts, activities and notes.
  • Update the personal information of employees.
  • Record time and expenses of project operations and request projects.
  • Participate as an end consumer of Dynamics 365 services. For example, answering surveys.

In addition, it allows the customisation of up to 15 additional entities (custom or standard Common Data Service) to be done according to the scenarios detailed below (Team Member access rights). There is no limit on read rights for Dynamics 365 custom entities and they will have full CRUD on data records associated with custom entities.

Access rights Team Member

With these changes to Team Member licences, the user experience will be delivered through a set of designated applications. In this respect, several scenarioswill be distinguished:

  1. Customer Service Team Member
  2. Sales Team Member
  3. Project Resource Centre

For example, a user with a full Customer Engagemet licence will be able to see the Customer Service Centre application and the Customer Service Team Member application. A user with only the Customer Engagemet Team Member licence will only see this application and will not have access to the other applications to which he is not entitled (Sales Centre or Project Resource Centre).

Team Member Customer Service

  • Create cases, read and update the cases you have created.
  • Use the comment function for your cases to interact with agents.
  • Search and view knowledge articles.

Team Member Sales

  • Work with contacts or view accounts.
  • View leads or opportunities linked to accounts or contacts, or view other sales-related data.
  • Add notes and activities.

Project Resource Centre

  • Obtain project time and expense reports.
  • Updating of project tasks, own resource competencies for the project through the Project Resource HUB.

Guidance for users requiring customised entities


About Team Member licences

Team Member is a licence purchased for users who are not tied to a specific role but require the basic functionality of Dynamics 365. In this sense, it allows access to designated scenarios. This type of licence requires at least one full user .


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