Create an intranet with SharePoint

SharePoint offers several options to create a corporate intranet quickly and without the need to introduce code or complicated customizations. The online version of the tool also allows you to create sites that adapt to any device and screen. With SharePoint Online it is possible to create customized sites with corporate elements that meet business requirements. You can see some examples here.

But the first step before creating an intranet is to plan intelligently. Whether you already have an intranet or you have to start from scratch, it is important to review the needs of each site and department and to have a clear idea beforehand with defined objectives. Let's look at some of the key points when planning your intranet!

Are you already working with an intranet or are you starting from scratch?

If you already have an intranet, it is advisable to analyze it and make an inventory of your current sites. In most cases, the best option is to create the sites from scratch rather than perform a migration. Therefore, it is important to evaluate each existing site, its usefulness and whether it meets your objectives.

If you do not have an intranet you must determine what business needs should be covered with the sites and what requirements will exist.

Identifies business scenarios and establishes priorities

Then it is important to talk to the owners of each site to define what the ideal intranet should look like. Together you should have answers to the following points:

  • What functions intranet users will be able to perform.
  • What tools and methodology will be used.
  • How will users know that they have been successful.

In this way, several scenarios can be considered and prioritization criteria can be established. In order to prioritize some scenarios over others, the following issues must be analyzed:

  • Can a rapid prototype be created?
  • Is there a committed sponsor?
  • Is there a specific audience?

Choose a scenario

Once the scenarios are defined and ranked with prioritization criteria, a scenario should be chosen. For example, a good starting point is a scenario that has high impact but minimal customization. At this point you choose which solution to start with.

Create a design or briefing

Once the solution has been chosen, a team is established to work in collaboration with the leaders of that area. In this way, the real objectives and their degree of scope are defined. In addition, the profile of the site's users and their needs and objectives are defined. For this point it is necessary to take into account the following:

  • Who are the users of the site?
  • What are your objectives?
  • How do you perform your work on a day-to-day basis?
  • What systems and tools do you use?
  • Who will lead the transition to the new site or solution?

Choose the components of the solution

SharePoint offers different building blocks for intranets:

  • Communication site: to share news and information through templates and web elements.
  • Main: to create visual main pages.
  • Hubs: to organize sites and computers, search and manage content.
  • News: a web element to publish stories, announcements, news and updates with the possibility of incorporating graphics and rich formatting.
  • Yammer: to connect with other team members beyond your own project or department.
  • Forms: to create questionnaires, surveys and customized records.
  • Use of sequences for live and on-demand meetings, events and training.

Choose the necessary components to create your first intranet site.

Implementation of the pilot test

When the first prototype has evolved, it can be shared with a pilot group or the entire organization. As the project progresses, different metrics are analyzed to check the success of the site.


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