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Microsoft promotes a varied academic offer to be done remotely for free. Through various documentation and tutorials it is possible to learn about the different tools from a basic level to a deeper and more specific learning. Given the current situation of confinement, here are some options for beginners that may be useful for companies:

Courses for administrators

Teamwork in Microsoft 365 (English)

Adapting the team to work in modern spaces is crucial for the proper digitization of companies. Microsoft 365 tools facilitate the integration of this space, allowing connection from different locations. Microsoft 365 includes apps that enable document co-authoring, file sharing, security controls and data protection.

With this learning module, administrators will be able to define which workspaces are available in Microsoft 365, which apps are part of the teamwork tools and better understand how all these apps can help to make work more efficient.

Cloud computing concept

The cloud environment is consolidating as the option that brings the most benefits to the company. From enabling employees to work remotely to strengthening security and optimizing IT processes. It is therefore important for an administrator to understand what cloud computing involves and what it can bring to the business.

This course allows you to discover cloud computing services, to see their advantages and to understand the implementation models in the company.

Security in Microsoft 365

Security and compliance with data protection policies are major challenges faced by all companies. Microsoft is a pioneer in security measures and offers a set of specific tools to comply with legal measures and strengthen information security.

In this sense, Microsoft 365 offers resources to protect identities and access, protect against external threats and strengthen the security of the company's information.

Courses for end users end users

Introduction to Power Apps

Power Apps is a very powerful tool for building business apps. That is, it allows you to build business applications.

In this introductory course users will understand what Power Apps is and the value it has for the company, how Azure and its tools help build business improvements and will have an approach through practical examples to the use of Power Apps.

Compilation in Power BI

Power BI is a business intelligence tool for reporting. Understanding what the application covers and how its building blocks are and how they work is very important for users.

In this module you learn how Power BI apps and services work and integrate and how it helps to make your business more efficient. It also teaches you how to create visual objects and reports.

Introduction to Microsoft Business Applications

With Microsoft Business Applications, companies can connect customers, products, people and operations by breaking down data silos. Understanding the strategic value of this is necessary to get the most out of these capabilities.

In this module, users will learn how to evaluate the core CRM and ERP management functions and how the benefits can be extended with Power Platform.

Courses for developers

Introduction to Azure Virtual Machines

There are different options to create and manage a virtual machine. In addition, several extensions and services are used to manage it.

In this module, developers will learn how to create checklists for virtual machines, describe options for their creation and management, and describe the additional services available.

Managing virtual machines with Azure CLI

With cross-platform Azure CLI it is possible to create, start, stop and perform management tasks virtual machines in Azure.

With this course, developers will learn how to create virtual machines with the Azure CLI, resize virtual machines, perform administration tasks and connect to these running virtual machines with SSH and the Azure CLI.

Writing C# code

A module for developers to learn the basics of C#. They will learn how to write lines with this code, use two different techniques to print a message, diagnose errors when writing code incorrectly and identify C# syntax elements.


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