Teleworking has become a necessity for hundreds of companies to continue their business despite the current circumstances. In this sense, Microsoft has a set of pay-per-use tools hosted in the cloud that facilitate remote work. In addition, in order to overcome the crisis that COVID-19 is generating at various levels, interesting initiatives are being developed to help and support companies and organizations. In this portal, we review the products available for teleworking and several projects that can help companies like yours.

Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft's suite of productivity tools hosted in the cloud on a monthly or annual lease basis. 

This is a set of tools, from classic Word or Excel to internal company social networks, that promote collaboration, cooperation and teamwork. For example, through the exchange of ideas and documents or the real-time co-authoring of documents. In addition, many of these tools support the organization at both the individual and team level. All this contributes to increased productivity. 

Microsoft Teams

One of the key applications of Office 365 is Microsoft Teams: the tool that promotes remote work. Teams allows you to schedule and conduct video conferences, meetings and calls, share different files and create work groups with different themes. Active since 2017, it incorporates improvements every year that keep it adapted to the modern workspace. The use of Teams has increased during this crisis because thousands of companies around the world have chosen it as their teleworking tool for its simplicity and efficiency. 

Why Teams?

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Check the schedule of online sessions taught by our consultants. Every Wednesday, at 4 pm, we will dedicate a space to a Microsoft solution: news, tips to get the most out of it and a space for questions. 

It may be a good time to dedicate the time we sometimes lack to reinforce some of our knowledge about different tools that can help our business. Microsoft offers courses organized in modules for administrator, user and developer profiles. 

What is your company's situation?

It is a complicated and uncertain time. At Goom we believe that we can provide something useful for many businesses thanks to our knowledge of IT solutions that can help with teleworking and business organization in these critical times. 

Aware of the moment and firmly believing in the need to be supportive and help each other, we have adapted our prices and deadlines to offer you now the service you need. This will happen and, between all of us, we can make it happen in the best possible way. 

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