Microsoft acquires Miburo, reinforcing its commitment to cybersecurity

Microsoft acquires Miburo, an international cybersecurity expert, reinforcing its commitment to user protection and solutions.

According to the CSIS study of December 2020 The Hidden Costs of Cybercrimethe drytr of digital crime is worth more than $1 trillion. In recent years, cyber-attacks have increased and threats are finding new techniques that constantly challenge the protection measures of companies and users.

Microsoft's commitment to the security of its users and data is reinforced by the announcement of the acquisition of Miburo. Miburo is a company specialising in analysis, research, detection and response to cyber threats, particularly in the international arena and data protection. Miburo will be integrated into the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Centre and will work with the Threat Context Analysis team to further improve data and user protection. Microsoft's goal is to strengthen the scope of cyber threat detection and analysis and to enhance the ability to detect new attacks and/or threats.

Miburo is a company specialised in the protection and detection of cyber-attacks, especially in international operations. In this regard, it has experience in detecting "extremist influence campaigns" in 16 languages. This is an asset that the Redmond-based company can leverage both externally and internally.

Microsoft is committed to making technology security one of the company's flagships and in this strategic direction has acquired Miburo. Microsoft's corporate vice president for customer security trust, Tom Burt, stated that "with the acquisition of Miburo, we will continue our mission to act and partner with others in the public and private sectors to find long-term solutions that prevent foreign adversaries from threatening public and private sector customers and, indeed, the very foundations of our democracy".


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