Viva Sales: a new experience for salespeople

Viva Sales is a new tool based on process automation and Artificial Intelligence that gives a new integration to CRM, Microsoft 365 apps and Teams.

As part of the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform, Microsoft recently launched Viva Sales. It is the first role-based Viva app targeted at a specific sector: sales. Basically, it is an application that can optimise any CRM (not just Microsoft's) with data extracted from Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Through Artificial Intelligence, it provides salespeople with useful information and personalised recommendations. By automatically integrating customer data from Office 365 apps into the CRM, salespeople save time and increase efficiency. In addition to making the sales team's work easier, the aim of this app is to get a quicker overview of customers.

How it benefits vendors
  • It gives the sales team tools with which they can improve their sales figures. For example, when they are working in Excel or Outlook they can tag their customers and they will be automatically included in the CRM.
  • With integrated Artificial Intelligence, it offers recommendations such as steps to follow in the purchasing process or prioritisation of work. In addition, it allows the sales team to access the customer's interaction history and interaction materials. On the other hand, through Artificial Intelligence, it enables salespeople to improve customer loyalty. For example, by optimising follow-up and offering recommendations.
  • Salespeople can keep track of their customers in Excel, generate new entries, edit, etc.
  • The application also captures who is the last salesperson to have been in contact with a given customer.
  • Finally, sellers can access summaries of calls made and get real-time conversation suggestions.

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