Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty

More control over data and transparency with Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, a solution for government agencies

Cloud for Sovereignty is a tool built on Microsoft's public cloud with the objective of accelerating the digital transformation of government entities with all the protection and security requirements they require. These requirements include compliance needs, policies and required security protocols. In addition, it benefits from Microsoft's data protection that analyzes 24 trillion signals on a daily basis to protect against local threats. In addition, regional data centers ensure compliance with regional data policies such as GDPR.

With Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, the cloud provides public institutions with the digital boost they need for their modernization. For example through modern developer services, an agile infrastructure, secure DevOps, open source platforms, modern collaboration and low-code development. It will be based on Microsoft Azure regional data centers.

One of the strengths of this tool is that it allows you to add additional layers to protect and encrypt sensitive data. It will include Sovereign Landing Zone - based on Azure Landing Zone. This is a mechanism to simplify the architecture, deployment workflow and provide intelligent tools to manage the operations of security services and policy controls in an optimized way.


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