Microsoft Inspire 2022

We summarize the news announced at Microsoft Inspire 2022, the big annual event for the Redmond company's partner community.

Microsoft Inspire 2022 was recently held, the annual event for Microsoft partners in which the company's news is always announced. In this article we summarize the main ideas discussed at the event, which emphasized the following topics:

  • The partner is the key to digitization with the Microsoft platform.
  • High growth of migration to the cloud.
  • Increased security on all platforms used by Microsoft customers.
  • Digital drive in hybrid work.
Hybrid work

New capabilities in Microsoft 365 and Teams to enable people to collaborate and work from anywhere to enhance the digital and hybrid experience for workers:

  • Excel Live enables real-time collaboration on workbooks from within Teams.
  • Microsoft Whiteboard facilitates collaboration with the ability to draw, write or react to meeting content.
  • New features are introduced in Microsoft Viva. For example, Viva Sales that integrates different CRM with Microosft 365 apps and Teams or Viva Engage to promote employee integration.
Digital Contact Center Platform

The Digital Contact Center Platform is an open and collaborative space that contains Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Teams products to create a help and support channel. This platform can be used by independent developers to create new experiences such as chatbots or apps with built-in artificial intelligence.

ISV Success Program

New opportunities for independent software developers (ISVs) will be implemented this fall. Through the program, Microsoft will facilitate the creation of new applications and their launch on Microsoft's commercial marketplace.

Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty

Microsoft Cloud for Soreignty is a platform to accelerate the digital transformation of public agencies built on Microsoft's public cloud. It allows to manage workloads in the cloud complying with all the guarantees and requirements of information and data protection and security against cyber threats.


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