3 trends in business intelligence

The importance of data for the future of business is an established fact in the consciousness of companies and employees. The use of accumulated information in business provides the basis for making the right decisions and saving time in transactions. New technologies are paving the way with increasingly intuitive tools capable of analysing the enormous amount of information available to us and converting it into positive actions for the business . In this article we briefly review 3 trends in business intelligence:

Smart data

Smart data is about collecting large amounts of information - like classic big data - but with the added bonus of being a tool that is able to analyse and present it in a useful way. It is able to extract the information that is truly relevant to the sector and company specifications and allows users to work with it to achieve new benefits.

Working in the cloud

Redesigning data strategy involves choosing where data is stored. In recent years, the trend towards storing information in the cloud has been on the rise for several reasons. The cloud system is a scalable environment, with extensive security guarantees and provides companies with great flexibility. The cloud provides much faster times for activating and updating processes and services and allows real-time connection with other business management tools.

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NLP systems

It refers to natural language processing and basically combines computer science and linguistics to enable systems to understand human language and move towards much more natural communication with data.


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