Changes in Microsoft licensing policy

New Commerce Experience: changes in Microsoft's licensing policy

Microsoft has introduced some important new features in its licensing policy, allowing customers to set subscription prices through an annual or three-year commitment.

Monthly subscription will continue to be possible, however, the price will be increased by 20% compared to current prices. It will allow customers to upgrade or downgrade licenses on a monthly basis.

The annual subscription with annual prepayment locks in prices for 12 months and allows you to increase the number of licenses, but not to decrease them during that period.

The three-year subscription with three-year payment protects prices for 36 months and, as in the previous case, allows the number of licenses to be increased but not decreased during this period.

Summary of changes
  1. Prices will be increased by 20% for those customers who want to maintain the monthly license fee.
  2. To maintain the current prices it will be necessary to change from the monthly subscription to the annual or triennial subscription. to an annual or three-year subscription with billing and payment on an annual or triennial basis.
  3. During this annual or three-year subscription period, it will not be possible to reduce the number of licenses, nor to cancel the totality, nor to downgrade the contracted version, except in the case of renewals. In any of these scenarios, Microsoft will continue to charge for the licenses initially registered. On the other hand, any increase in licenses can be made. During the renewal period, cancellations, cancellations or downgrades can be made.

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