How to strengthen the team in the hybrid work environment?

There is no doubt that the pandemic has transformed the way we work. In the last two years, companies have experienced a sudden transition to remote working and a return to face-to-face working, which has led to different results. In this sense, the hybrid mode - with its different variants and degrees of presence - is the form chosen by thousands of companies as it offers a new flexibility for the worker. In fact, 70% of teleworking today is hybrid. Moreover, this form of telework is growing by 7 points each year, an increase of 38% per year.

Hybrid working offers flexibility, but it also forces a rethink of old concepts of face-to-face working. It challenges companies to integrate the digital and physical experience with new spaces and the right technology tools. For example, offices traditionally located meeting rooms in more enclosed spaces, while individual workstations were set up in open spaces. Following the online experience, workers now need more enclosed individual spaces that encourage concentration. In turn, meetings and brainstorming move to more open, eclectic spaces that allow for an inclusive digital experience for those workers who connect remotely.

But the big challenge of the hybrid experience is team integration. According to a Microsoft study, for 43% of managers, building personal relationships is the biggest challenge of remote and hybrid work. With remote, the trend has been towards team isolation. Forging bonds is crucial to employee well-being and has a direct impact on productivity.

Collaboration in the hybrid space with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has adapted its functionality to enable both remote and on-site workers to maximise performance and facilitate communication channels and ways of communicating.

  • Collaborate and interact with your colleagues through chat, calls and Teams meetings. It also allows you to connect with people outside your organisation.
  • Enhanced large meeting experience: more natural digital meetings. Up to 49 participants with gallery view, Together Mode to be able to pay attention to the face and expression of all participants or control how shared content is displayed, among other features.
  • Achieve more inclusive meetings through Live Reactions emojis that don't interrupt speakers, less intrusive chat and live captions and transcripts from speakers.
  • View, edit and collaborate in real time on Office 365 files and documents with others on your team to save time and gain efficiency.
  • Take collaboration to another level with Microsoft Whiteboard.
  • Enjoy a smooth experience on different types of devices.
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