What's New at ClickDimensions (March 2022)

We review the latest developments at ClickDimensions (March 2022), the digital marketing automation tool natively integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Lead scoring

As previously announced, over the next few months the lead scoring functionality will be completely changed in order to know the degree of commercial maturity of the platform's potential customers. In this first version launched with the latest update, the possibility of configuring new scoring models for leads, contacts or for both CRM entities has been added. The menu of scoring possibilities has been increased and the related reports have been improved.

On the other hand, next steps can now be defined once the lead or contact has reached the target score in a campaign automation workflow.

This functionality requires a manual update of the system.

Social Marketing Platform

Also new in ClickDimensions (March 2022) is the addition of a new social platform icon that will redirect users to the Social Marketing login page for licensed users to access.

Email template

In the Email Templates entity, under Messaging, a new template view option has been added. In addition to the thumbnail view, they can now be viewed in a list for easier searching and filtering.

Import Tool

Custom search and option set fields can now also be added to ClickDimensions imports. These can be added in the import template for contacts and leads.