Semi-anonymous surveys with Customer Voice

Obtain interesting data and protect your customers' privacy by creating semi anonymous surveys with Customer Voice.

The amount of data that a company collects on a daily basis is increasing. Every interaction with customers, user visit, every purchase and service... Everything leaves a digital trace that helps us to better understand our customers. We have talked many times about the importance of being able to sort and organize information with tools like Power BI. Today we are going to focus on another of the leftovers of all this huge amount of data: privacy.

In this sense, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice it is possible to create semi-anonymous surveys. This new feature of the Dynamics 365 ecosystem tool allows us to collect information of interest while keeping personal data anonymous.

What are the semi-anonymous surveys?

This new functionality allows you to select which fields of the survey to track and which fields to keep anonymous. In this way, on the one hand, it offers an extra guarantee to the customer that will provide a more reliable and secure experience when answering a survey. On the other hand, the company receives the data it is most interested in in order to transform it into better customer experiences.

Another example of its use is internal to the company. A semi-anonymous survey among workers that may show some data, such as the department, but keeps other personal information hidden. This provides them with a space of trust in which they can give their opinion freely.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is a tool that facilitates the collection of customer data through the simple creation of surveys, integration with other analysis apps and the configuration of automatic notifications. The objective is to obtain a global view of the customer and their behavior in order to adapt the company's strategy to their needs.


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