What's New in Power BI November 2020

Learn what's new in Power BI November 2020: new features and improvements in Microsoft's business intelligence tool.

Last November brought us interesting new features in Power BI Desktop. From visual and functional improvements to the incorporation of new functionalities that have been demanded for a long time.


  • New list of fields (in preview).

Unification of field lists across data, model and report views. This will bring consistency to the tool functionality and UI. Some of the changes to the lists are new iconography, contextual menu items, similar drag and drop behavior, tooltips and accessibility improvements. Overall, usability is improved with minimal impact on workflow data.

  • New model view (preview).

This new view will allow consumers to explore and customize visual objects in the report reading view.

  • Application of all generally available filters.
  • Visual zoom slider to add to Cartesian plots.

This enables a simple way to examine a small range of data in a chart without the need to use a filter.

  • Selection of extended data point rectangle for the map visual object.

You can select several data of a visual object or several visual objects of a report.

  • Certificate revocation check for web connections.

This measure is intended to reinforce security.

  • Updates of paginated reports.


  • Anomaly detection (preview).

One of the big Power BI November 2020 news is the preview release of anomaly detection. This feature helps improve line charts by automatically detecting anomalies in your time series data. It also provides explanations of anomalies to aid in root cause analysis.

  • Questions and answers support partial match data values.

Data connectivity

  • Hive LLAP Connector is now generally available, also its additional On-Premises Data Gateway. Basically it offers import and direct query capabilities. Also the ability to specify the transport protocol as standard or HTTP.
  • New connectors:
    • Actian Avalanche (beta) is a platform with a hybrid cloud data warehouse.
    • Anaplan is a native connector for Power BI that allows you to connect data and models and align with specific KPIs.
    • Starburst Presto (beta), integrated with Power BI, performs accelerated data analysis at scale.

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