Productivity Score: measure your organisation's performance with Microsoft

A new tool that collects activity data to assist in the execution of digital transformation strategy

Microsoft has launched a new activity measurement tool to draw conclusions about productivity and where to strengthen the digitisation strategy. Productivity Score shows through various metrics how the organisation is using Microsoft 365 and the technology experiences that support it.

The tool analyses a set of metrics extracted from the technological and user experience. This allows us to see where the company is in its digital transformation. It also provides the necessary information to identify opportunities for improvement and satisfaction. And, on the other hand, the tool itself shows recommended actions to help use Microsoft 365 products effectively.

Productivity Score acts on two areas: user experience and technology experience.

To measure people's experiences, the use of Microsoft 365 categories is taken into account. For example, content collaboration, mobility, communication, meetings and teamwork. For this, public research is observed in order to identify best practices and associated benefits in the form of organisational effectiveness. 

In terms of technological experiences, an analysis of the point of connection is carried out. In this way, it is seen how software and hardware problems can affect the organisation.

What products are included in Productivity Score

The total score results from the combined results of both categories, with a maximum of 800 points. The score is updated daily and includes data from the last 28 days. The measurement includes data from Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Yammer and Skype.

We can access a view with the total score of the company where the history is also displayed:

productivity score
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