Azure Quantum: quantum computing in the public cloud

Azure Quantum, the first open public cloud ecosystem for quantum solutions, is now available in preview

Microsoft consolidates its advances in the field of quantum computing with the launch of Azure Quantum in public preview. It is the first open public cloud ecosystem for quantum solutions that developers and customers can access for free through cloud tools they already know and with a library of resources to learn and develop useful solutions.

Quantum computing accelerates R&D and makes it possible to develop solutions and solve problems that are unattainable in classical computing. For example, it is especially useful for solving problems involving the study of a large number of possibilities and a computing power currently unattainable with traditional technology. It is expected that fields such as climate change, chemistry or cancer research will achieve major breakthroughs by relying on quantum technology.

This initiative, which is part of Microsoft's Business Acceleration Program, provides access to quantum software and hardware solutions and a network of knowledge to drive innovation.

A quantum programming language

Through the Quantum Development Kit and the Q# quantum programming language, Microsoft offers developers a flexible foundation to take advantage of all the advances in quantum systems. It has also recently introduced Quantum Intermediate Representation (QIR) to be a common interface between different quantum computing languages and platforms.

Resources available to users include training and multiple examples for quantum computation and optimization. For example, Learn provides access to fundamental quantum concepts; Katas provides explanations of quantum programming through tutorials and examples show in a practical way how to apply quantum algorithms in various tasks.


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