ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards: a tool for the analysis of marketing actions

Get a holistic view of marketing actions with ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards

We have more and more data from different sources and its correct processing is a challenge for all sectors. We have a lot of fragmented information that prevents us from having a global vision of the state of the business. In this sense, a tool that provides a holistic view of the company and its processes is a great advantage in the competitive market. ClickDimensions users have the option to subscribe to Intelligent Dashboards to take measurement and analytics to another level.

This platform, powered by Sweetspot, integrates data from different sourcesthrough connectors and allows you to create dashboards for different marketing channels. Intelligent Dashboards integrates CRM and ClickDimensions data, creating sales pipelines and integrating sales and marketing information in a fully functional way. It also allows you to define KPIs for the correct measurement of objectives.

Available panels
Sales funnel

Various types of metrics (such as revenue generated) on marketing efforts to capture leads and convert them into customers.

Campaign performance

Information about Dynamics 365 marketing campaigns: how many leads are generated, how many opportunities are opened and the overall revenue of the customers obtained in these campaigns.

Web statistics

It allows you to track the performance of content - e.g. landing pages and forms - to see what has more impact and better results.

Email marketing

This dashboard allows you to measure and compare the impact of your email campaigns to see where you get the best results and improve your impact ratios.

Campaign automation

With this dashboard you can analyze your campaign automations, see where you are getting positive results and which points need to be worked on.

Social Marketing

To determine which social networks and types of content really enhance the company's brand.

Landing pages

Social media analytics helps to understand which social networks have the most impact and what types of conversions they generate in terms of revenue for the company.


It allows to visualize which events have a better reception and higher participation. It also establishes a direct connection between leads generated at events, opportunities opened and profits generated as a result.


Metrics for surveys to analyze the results in a more visual way.

Google Analytics

Visualize which are the best sources of traffic, which pages attract the most visitors, visitor demographics and how they behave on the website.

Google Ads

This panel analyzes the investment in advertising on Google and what is the return on that investment. Which ads have more impact, which are the most successful campaigns and which keywords have better results.

Microsoft Advertising

Another panel to review advertising spend, but for Microsoft's.


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