Microsoft cloud services price increase

As of April 1, 2023, Microsoft's cloud subscription prices will increase by 11% in euros. This increase, which responds to currency fluctuations, will affect all new and existing customers with a subscription renewal date after April 1, 2023. In other words, for existing customers, these new prices take effect on the subscription renewal date.

In this regard, customers with an active subscription prior to this date will not be affected by the price increase during the subscription commitment period. Likewise, licenses added to this existing subscription will be purchased at the protected price of the initial period.

What do the new prices apply to?

  • To all cloud licenses, including commercial, government, educational and charity/NGO, and across all licensing programs (CSP, Enterprise Agreement, Open Value, MPSA, MOSP and Web).
  • Azure customers still using Azure Legacy CSP or the Azure pay-as-you-go model will also be affected by the pricing adjustments.
  • Customers using Azure through NCE will not be affected, as pricing is already calculated on a U.S. dollar basis with currency exchange rates updated monthly.
  • For the time being, there will be no price adjustments for customers with on premises licenses.

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