Create a corporate intranet with SharePoint

SharePoint enables the creation of secure and highly functional enterprise intranet portals

A company intranet platform is a private space that allows employees to organize themselves easily. It is a virtual platform particularly useful for receiving and sharing information. Thus, a fluid communication is established at the corporate level. In this sense, it is important that the intranet is secure and reliable, as it sometimes handles sensitive internal information. With SharePoint your company can have a reliable and customizable intranet.


SharePoint is located in the cloud environment within the universe of Office 365 applications. In recent years it has established itself as one of the most secure spaces for storing information and documents. In addition, it incorporates effective information recovery systems . On the other hand, it has a great capacity for customization.

All these qualities make SharePoint the ideal platform to be the corporate intranet.

Manage roles

It is possible to configure different levels of access to intranet content. In this way, employees can access relevant information while keeping the most sensitive data private. In addition, it allows informative access to third parties.


Microsoft has multiple security and data protection guarantees. It also offers a powerful information recovery service.


It allows a great deal of customization. Thus, it is possible to establish company colors, logos and other corporate elements.

It is a company space designed to announce news, share ideas and resources, simplify processes and, in general, involve employees and customers.


SharePoint is accessible from anywhere and from any type of device. So, wherever you are, you can access all business information.


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