LMS in Teams: activate a training space with LMS365

LMS365 is a platform built for the Microsoft 365 environment that allows you to create and manage courses and training, certifications and foster a culture of learning among your team. In other words, it allows you to include an LMS in Teams, offering access to training and resources without leaving the platform.

The hybrid workspace combining digital and face-to-face has firmly established itself in the aftermath of the pandemic and is the system of choice for the majority of workers. According to Merchant Savvy data, 61% of workers have considered leaving their job due to lack of flexibility. In this context, encouraging and facilitating the team's digital experience is key to optimising employee performance and motivation. To this end, clear communication with employees is very important for successful collaboration. And Microsoft Teams has become the most widely used tool globally: it has given online work a physical space.

Teams has revolutionised the way businesses work, connect and learn in the digital age. Integrating an LMS into Teams seems like the logical solution to training needs or developing team learning programmes by placing it within a familiar environment. LMS365 is a learning platform built for Microsoft 365, integrating natively with Teams, SharePoint and Power BI.

LMS365 connects eLearning and classroom learning to empower and engage the team. Because it is integrated with Teams, it makes different types of resources such as documents, channels and videos available to employees and allows them to access training without leaving the tool. Combining LMS365 courses and training plans with the conversational and collaborative experience of Teams achieves great results.

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