Microsoft Education: new features to improve learning

Microsoft launches educational innovations to boost motivation and enhance student learning

Among the announced enhancements are the launch of new products and an update to Teams.

According to the company's own data, currently more than 200 million users are using the Microsoft Education products. Among this very large group of users are students, teachers, institutional and educational entities that rely on the Redmond company for their daily tasks. Microsoft's educational apps are oriented to offer a new learning and teaching experience and adapt methods to the acquisition of new digital skills.

The pandemic has changed (practically) all areas of our lives, and the education sector is no exception. In recent months, schools around the world have had to undergo a rapid and forced transition to remote teaching. In this respect, the crown jewel of Microsoft's educational environment is Teams has been able to adapt the classroom to the virtual environment. The new software is efficient, fast and convenient. In addition, it has been regularly updated to better adapt to the needs of the global education community.

Several new developments have recently been announced that continue to reinforce Microsoft's commitment to a strategy of innovation and accessibility to a flexible and universal learning environment. Microsoft Education: new features to improve learning.

Teams upgrade: get closer to students with Reflect

Microsoft Teams Education has announced a new update. This time, it will welcome Reflect, a tool for the development of social-emotional skills. The update will include in Teams this app that allows the teaching team to approach their students in a more individual way. In other words, to connect in a much more personalized way in the virtual environment to get to know their impressions and help them in a more individual way.

In addition, it can be integrated with Education Insights. The tool that allows the teaching team to keep track of all the online activities in which their students participate and their progress.

New devices available

On the other hand, Microsoft makes it easier for schools to acquire devices that enable remote classes. For example, with new, secure and low-cost Windows 10 devices with LTE connectivity from its partners.

Microsoft ClassRoom Pen 2 Upgrade

A new, cheaper upgrade of Microsoft ClassRoom Pen 2. For all those tasks where a keyboard and screen is not enough, such as mathematics or diagramming.


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