Microsoft Loop: hybrid work collaboration

Microsoft Loop creates a space for collaboration and organization of remote and face-to-face work.

It is common in today's work methods to have several windows open on our devices and to navigate from one to another, changing the environment to carry out our activities. Microsoft works to adapt the environments to the real needs of users and, in this sense, since the emergence of remote work in full or part time with the pandemic, reinvents its applications with the aim of providing maximum convenience to thousands of workers around the world. In this sense, Loop is an application of the Office 365 environment whose objective is to centralize organizational tasks in a single work area.

Microsoft Loop is based on collaborative content blocks in Office. It consists of a series of components, pages and workspaces and works as follows:

  • Components are pieces of content that can exist in different applications. For example, a table, a task list or a paragraph would be Loop components. Components can be copied and shared via Teams chats and are very useful for real-time collaboration. They facilitate, for example, the collective creation of an agenda or note-taking by several users in real time.
  • Several components can be organized on a page. Therefore, Loop pages are sort of individual canvases or whiteboards where users can work on the components and share them. These components may have been created outside the page and can also be edited in other applications in real time.
  • Finally, Microsoft Loop workspaces provide an overview of the project showing all project components and pages and which users are working on it.


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