New apps for the hybrid world

The new workspace combines face-to-face and online modes. Workers must have at their disposal tools that help them to manage both disciplines and maintain an optimal level of collaboration and understanding. In this sense, Microsoft is adding new apps to respond to the new opportunities that are emerging. We review some of these new apps for the hybrid world.

Microsoft Loop

It is a new app that combines a flexible canvas with portable components to foster collaboration between teams. Loop consists of three elements:

  • Loop components: these are atomic units of productivity that help you collaborate and complete work seamlessly (be it a chat, meeting, document, etc.). Components can be a variety of things from simpler to more complex, for example, lists, tables, notes, tasks or Microsoft Dynamics 365 opportunities. All components are kept in sync facilitating collaboration and an overall view of projects. New components have been announced to strengthen collaboration such as a voting table for team decision making and a status tracker that collects team information and tracks projects.
  • Loop pages are flexible canvases on which you can organize components and extract useful elements such as files, links or data. Loop pages are optimized so you can think and act together with your team.
  • Loop work areas: these are shared spaces that allow the individual and team level to see and group important things of the project.
new apps for the microsoft loop hybrid world
Context IQ

It is a set of artificial intelligence experiences natively integrated into Microsoft 365 capable of predicting, searching and suggesting information.

The first experience that will be transformed by Context IQ is Microsoft Editor (a tool that corrects grammar and spelling in all documents, mail and web). It will have predictive assistance and will be able to:

  • Suggestions of files to attach depending on the topic being discussed.
  • Outlook meeting time recommendations based on attendees' availability.
  • It also makes recommendations for labels to colleagues.

Clipchamp is an application oriented to create audiovisual content for users with different types of profiles and experiences:

new apps for the clipchamp hybrid world
Power Point recording studio

It will be available in early 2022 and will greatly facilitate the PowerPoint experience for meetings.


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