Open Data Campaign

Open Data Campaign initiative seeks to universalize access to data

Fewer than 100 companies worldwide obtain more than 50% of the data generated through online interaction. This data serves to paint a picture of the reality of access to information generated online by the overwhelming majority of companies in the world. Access to the data generated is a key part to start innovating with the possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this sense, Open Data Campaign emerges to ensure that companies of all sizes have access to the information they need to innovate with artificial intelligence.

In addition to collective access to data, Microsoft is pursuing the creation of tools that allow information to be shared quickly and securely.

The ultimate goal is that with the right information, companies can make decisions that have a positive impact on their teams, customers and the community in which they operate. Some examples of the results of having data are the following:

Climate Finance Foundation

This project seeks to share climate relevant data so that the community can make informed decisions. In this sense, it is based on accurate and reliable economic models around climate-related risks and opportunities. In parallel, Microsoft is investing heavily in sustainability. Thus, it reinforces its commitment to share relevant sustainability information through the Data Commons.


In addition, Microsoft is participating in a pilot project for pandemic data. The company offers Azure AI and cloud infrastructure to monitor the population's response to the changes. Through this project, it seeks to collect some of the diverse information generated from the pandemic in order to advance in various investigations.

Digital access and education

Another project that has triggered the pandemic is the launch of the Open Data Challenge. It seeks to test the impact of digital access for thousands of students around the world.


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