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The educational experience is enriched with Microsoft Teams: an interaction portal for teachers and students. 
It is a completely free tool that is included in the Office 365 environment.

We have already told you about the corporate virtues of using Microsoft Teams. Today, we want to emphasize its facet for the educational world.

Microsoft Teams is an app within the O365 environment that is used to manage the activities of a school (create meetings, internal chat with school staff, students, create activities, etc.). Users can be both students and teachers. In addition, it boosts students' motivation for learning with interactive techniques and a simple and intuitive digital language.

In other words, a space for collaboration and learning that reflects the digital transformation with a totally new educational experience. Do you want to know it?

Microsoft Teams for the collaborative world

The following are the apps included in Microsoft Teams:
School Data Sync

This is a free Office 365 service that basically automates the process of synchronizing and importing data from the school's information system with Office 365. In this way, class lists can be automatically completed in Microsoft Teams.

OneNote Class Notebook

Microsoft's OneNote tool for the educational world is fully integrated into the school dynamics. It offers multiple specific functionalities that motivate students' learning and curiosity. In Teams, OneNote allows teachers to teach interactive lessons. It is also possible to provide students with fully customized educational material.

Apps integrated in Microsoft teams

Office 365 Ecosystem

In addition to OneNote, we can find the rest of the Office 365 for Education applications integrated. The license is free for educational centers and provides institutions with tools of great digital functionality.

For teachers

Endless possibilities! Teachers can manage subjects and classes from start to finish from this tool. They can even test with Forms or create collaborative spaces with other teachers and centers (PLC).

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