Windows 11: this is the new Microsoft operating system

Multitasking functions, renewed design... This is Windows 11, Microsoft's new operating system.

Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 11, will be available on October 5. In a progressive update, depending on the type of device, users will be able to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, which brings us great functional and design innovations. If a few months ago Redmond presented the PC in the cloud with the announcement of Windows 365, with Windows 11 they reinforce other of their strategic lines: the flexibility of the user and the space adapted to the multifunction.

Fluent Design: a new design for the latest version of Windows

With Windows 11 there is a big visual change in Microsoft's operating system. In general, users will get a more modern design and sound and a more minimalist aesthetic. A new floating menu appears and moves to the center of the screen, application icons are reinvented with new colors and rounder shapes and the new Windows widgets provide great flexibility. In this sense, the Artificial Intelligence applied will show us different widgets depending on what we are doing and the time of day, as will happen with the start menu itself. This functionality allows the user to access more quickly to the information he considers relevant.

In addition, many apps have been redesigned, such as Photos, the Crop tool or the classic Paint app.

An optimized space for multitasking

The user experience is more important than ever. In parallel to the design, tools are incorporated to promote multitasking functions. For example, the customization of virtual desktops, Snap Groups and Snap Layouts that allow windows to be distributed in columns, sections and a set of new visualization possibilities compared to those offered by Winsows 10 and previous versions of the OS. This makes it easier for the user to perform several simultaneous tasks and gain control over the personalization of the space.

Concentration sessions are also encouraged with new apps such as the productivity watch. It is a pomodoro clock that integrates with Spotify and Microsoft To-Do. Another tool that stands out in Windows 11 is Microsoft Teams that acquires a great prominence. It moves to the taskbar and encourages and facilitates the development of the hybrid space.

Requirements and opportunities for developers

To implement Winsodws 11, the device must meet some minimum requirements that you can check here. In addition, a tool has been made available to check each device: PC Health Check.

Finally, we would like to highlight another major change brought by the new OS: the transformation of the Microsoft Store. Developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) will be able to bring their apps to this space. In addition, through an agreement with Amazon, progress has been made in bringing Android applications to Windows.


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