Azure Space

Microsoft takes another giant step forward in cloud computing with Azure Space

Connectivity and computing will be achievable for all types of industries, even if they have special location or infrastructure requirements. even if they have special location or infrastructure requirements

Space industry veterans and Microsoft product engineers are working side by side to develop new cloud capabilities that meet the unique needs of space. This opens up new areas of innovation that include space mission simulation or data discovery from satellites.

In addition, extending Azure's capabilities with satellite connectivity means unlocking cloud computing in more scenarios. In other words, further empowering partners and customers to achieve more through a secure and fast network anywhere in the world.

The advantages of Azure accessible to all

With the current terrestrial and aquatic network (remember initiatives such as Project Natick), millions of people can connect to data centers around the world. But many customers work remotely or in harsh environments and have a growing need for data and broadband access. With Azure Space comes new networking capabilities.

To achieve this ambitious goal, a wide network of satellite providers is necessary. In this regard, Microsoft is engaged in a number of collaborations:

  • Together with SpaceX Starlink will deliver fast speed and low latency satellite broadband to the new Azure Modular Datacenter.
  • With SES is working on Azure Orbital that will extend connectivity between cloud datacenter regions with devices.

The goal is to offer a cloud infrastructure that provides end-to-end satellite connectivity solutions. Bringing together the elasticity of satellite communications and Azure's ability to provide high-performance computing, machine learning and data analytics opens up new opportunities for both private and public sector organizations.

How can it help companies? An autonomous data center

Microsoft Azure Modular Datacenter is designed to provide secure, high-intensity cloud computing in challenging environments. For example, with an unreliable building structure. That is, it allows you to have Azure on the terms and location you need in a self-contained unit . It gives companies the ability to deploy a complete datacenter in remote locations or to augment an existing structure. Azure Modular Datacenter can run terrestrial fiber, low bandwidth networks or be completely disconnected.

Other applications: space missions

Azure Orbital Emulator is also being developed as part of these projects. This is an emulation environment that performs massive simulations with software and hardware. It helps satellite developers to evlauate and train artificial intelligence algorithms and satellite networks.


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