Business Central 2021 release (wave 2)

News announced in Business Central 2021 release (wave 2)

From October until March 2022, Microsoft is launching the second wave of product updates. New features have been announced in some of the most demanded areas of ERP, such as finance and supply chain. Integration with Microsoft 365 applications and Microsoft Power Platform is also deepened. For example, a stronger connection will be established with Excel and Microsoft Teams. In addition, Dynamics 365 Business Central online will reach more countries and regions worldwide.

Account schedules: new templates and budget name filter for columns

Account schedules are a quick way to generate customized G/L reports. To speed up their execution, more templates have been added: Analysis, Revenue and CashFlow. In addition, there is a new column with the "Budget name" field that can be filtered.

Business Central 2021 release account schedules
Add additional columns through customizations on multiple pages to obtain more information.

In several pages the possibility of creating new columns is added to customize the information that the user visualizes and make it more according to his specific needs. Check which columns are added to which pages in this link.

Adds non-inventory items to planning and requisition worksheets

The idea is to be able to add to the worksheets both inventory and non-inventory items (e.g. services) to obtain a unified procurement process. For this purpose, non-inventory lines can be processed as any other type of item. So when creating purchase orders, non-inventory lines will be included.

Bank and payment reconciliations

Bank and payment reconciliations are very important to know the status of the company's cash flow and transactions. In the Business Central 2021 release, both entities are improved to facilitate the user's work. For example, in the Payment Reconciliation Journal, serial numbers are separated and other functionalities are added. In the Bank Reconciliation page, several new functionalities have been added, including new filters and automations.

Bulk join records between Business Central and Dataverse

The process of transferring data from Dataverse to Business Central is streamlined, but allowing the definition of rules to control the information that is transmitted between both tools, thus avoiding the addition of data that is not required in Business Central.

In addition, the synchronization of multiple records is made more efficient.

Default line type on sales and purchase documents

Almost all companies using Business Central work with sales and purchase documents. In order to save time, it is now possible to set a default line type for these documents. They can contain different line types such as G/L Account, Item, Resource or Fixed Asset.

Excel editing in general recurring and intercompany publications

One of the reasons why editing in Excel is such a popular feature of Business Central is that it allows you to enter data into the system very quickly. This functionality is now extended to two more pages: recurring general publications and intercompany general publications.

Group Records G/L and VAT in Posting Preview which will be extensible.

A new preview mode has been announced:

business central 2021 release posting preview
Improved user experience to avoid configuration problems and publication size problems

Tools are added to facilitate user learning based on concrete examples. Product telemetry shows that the most common errors in groups and dimensions are the result of incorrect configuration. Therefore, some changes have been made to clarify these errors and provide a guide to resolve them.

Product variant code according to demand forecasts

Demand forecasts provide valuable information for the company regarding its position in the market. In this sense, the ability to include the right level of detail in the product-in-demand variant allows for great planning and reduces lead times for those companies that do not have a sales order flow and manage a large volume of very similar items.

IBAN number tracking when changing the seller's account number

It is now possible to securely change the IBAN number of the seller's bank account without affecting the historical transfer records.

business central 2021 release_cred-transfer-reg-entries
List of reliable partner apps

Partners can now preload a list of apps on the customer's system to help them choose the tools that are really relevant to their business. This way customers can safely install the apps they have pre-selected.

Locations for non-inventory items

As with inventory items, it will now be possible to statistically track non-inventory items by location, i.e. based on location.

More control over the input of address information data

More flexible ways to enter and validate addresses are now available.

More control over currency exchange rate adjustment

Those operating in several countries with different currencies will now be able to adjust exchange rates only for specific customers, vendors or bank accounts.

New automation API to create group users

A new API that joins the existing ones in the solution implementation process.

Production BOM and routes in stockkeeping units in planning scenarios

Many companies use stock keeping units in their inventory management processes that also contain important item information and are therefore valuable in production processes. Now you can take advantage of this information from the stock keeping units by assigning them to production BOMs. It is easy to change the bill of material and routing in the stockkeeping units.

Deleting obsolete reports 204, 205, 206 and 207

Some reports disappear and new versions appear. The new templates - based on Microsoft Word templates - are easier to customize and faster to generate.

Rounding of the base unit of measure

You can assign a base unit of measure for items, but sometimes the same product serves several purposes and is sold, received or consumed in different measurements in the processes. It is therefore important to be able to work with items in different units of measure depending on the process and to accurately convert these measurements to the base unit of measure. Now you can specify an approximate base unit of measure to guide users according to their business process and avoid problems with rounding when alternating units of measure.

Tour of Business Central to help users learn the basics

Until now the tours were enabled exclusively for those pages and controls defined by AL language. In the second wave of Business Central release 2021, their scope is expanded to include platform-defined tips for calling system controls. In addition, these tours provide an introduction to a better understanding of the home as a concept. All of this allows the user to learn the basics of the Business Central interface.

Unlock timesheets through assisted configuration and data entry from mobile devices

Set Up Time Sheets is an assisted configuration guide to help the user set up their timesheets and specify the participants in the process. Participants include the administrator, employees, resources and approvers.

Use multiple units of measure when synchronizing items and resources from Dynamics 365 Sales

Sometimes companies track product inventory in a single unit of measure, but depending on different market needs, multiple units of measure may be required. The integration between Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales now allows these services to exchange information on items with multiple units of measure.

More educational tours through the app for standard roles

In this year's first update package, Business Central offered the ability to access product tours to help new users understand the most important business concepts and entities. Now, with the new update, this functionality is expanded and more standard entities are added.

The delegated administrator can create entries in the job queue and request approval from a licensed user.

Delegated administrator options are expanded to facilitate the user experience.


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