Viva Connections, a Viva equipment module

Strengthening internal remote communication with Viva Connections

Viva Connections is one of the four modules of Microsoft Viva - the new employee experience platform that brings together the best and most functional of teleworking. Basically this area is an intelligent SharePoint intranet with chat and Teams collaboration tools. One of its great functional advantages is that it allows users to discover and search for relevant content from the Teams app bar.

Share content of interest

Employees can contribute news updates and other content they feel is relevant to their team. In addition to facilitating these content exchanges, it enables convenient and fast search functions. In general, its design is oriented towards functionality and user comfort. For example, certain guidelines can be set to mark which news items appear at the top of the feed and it is possible to define a segmented audience to share information with specific departments or roles within the company.

Integrating the intranet into Microsoft Teams greatly improves the browsing experience for users. For example, files are opened in the Teams preview window, without losing the context of the information.

Viva Connections Dashboard

The dashboard of this module is a kind of company homepage. An accessible place for all employees to find resources or complete tasks. Each dashboard is customizable and reflects the company's branding. In this way, the company's brand or identity is added directly in Microsoft Teams. This customization can be applied to different departments or areas of the business.

Who can access

Viva Connections is accessible to all those users with a SharePoint organization license. On the other hand, it requires a series of configurations to add it to Microsoft Teams that you can consult in this link .


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