Microsoft Azure Health Bot

Microsoft Azure Health Bot: Microsoft's healthcare bot

During 2019, thousands of healthcare bots were created, resulting in one billion messages delivered to more than 80 million people in 25 countries around the world. In the pandemic, Azure Health Bot has helped healthcare organizations interact with patients. The use of this technology saves time for healthcare staff who can deal with the most serious cases and reduces waiting times for patients.

Microsoft Azure Health Bot offers a conversational healthcare experience based on Artificial Intelligence. It allows developers to create bots that offer patients large-scale conversational experiences. It has the highest security guarantees with the support of Azure, one of the pioneering clouds in protection against all types of internal and/or external threats.

It represents an important step in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector by tackling common problems such as the enormously amplified workload of COVID.

Features of the Microsoft health bot
  • Quick and easy creation of bots for specific scenarios.
  • The bot combines the medical database with natural language capabilities to facilitate the understanding of clinical terminology.
  • It complies with strict security measures, data protection and HIPAA standards.
  • It allows the creation of virtual medical assistants with triage protocols and health functionalities such as a medical database.
  • It also allows customization to the requirements of each center with specific configurations and extensible tools.

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