Microsoft Build 2021: annual event for developers

Microsoft's annual developer event announces new developments in Azure and the Microsoft 365 environment.

This is what Microsoft Build 2021 has been like!

On May 25, 26 and 27, the massive Microsoft Build 2021 event for developers was held. A new edition in streaming that has allowed to democratize the attendance through a free registration in the sessions of interest of each user. The event, aimed at the Microsoft developer community, always announces some news and improvements in the company's business tools. We summarize the most relevant announcements of this edition:

Microsoft 365

Professional customers of Microsoft 365 will have a new option in Outlook called "Organization Explorer". It will be available from summer and will allow all members of the organization to search and identify colleagues with certain skills for the development of new projects.

On the other hand, new features have been announced for paid users in Microsoft Teams. New APIs are launched that improve workflow with new real-time multi-user collaboration tools, such as whiteboards. In other words, new options for the creation of customized themes.

Microsoft Azure

At Microsoft Build 2021, several new developments have been announced in Azure, especially in applied Artificial Intelligence services.

For example, Azure Metrics Advisor allows from time series data - and using machine learning technology - to find anomalies in processes monitored with sensors in products or in company metrics.

Another new feature is Bot Service, which now offers Visual Authoring Canvas with extensible open source tools. Developers will be able, for example, to add voice and telephony services to bots.

We also highlight the update of Azure Cognitive Services that will have the translation of documents through Translator. And finally, the Text Analytics for Health tool. A service with which developers will be able to extract information from unstructured medical data and process it.


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